Puako “Speed Humps Coming”

Aloha Puako Owners,

Thank you for your great support for speed humps on the street.

The County posted a “Speed Humps Coming”sign with a contact # on the street this week.  They have heard mostly positive feed back.  The County highway division was all ready to install them in 2 weeks, but an owner from the end of the road near Paniau called to complain and it put a stop to them.

We did everything right and received 80% owner approval in favor for the humps all the way to the Catholic Church!

The County would like to hear from owners why they support the 25 mph speed hump installations. Would you please call them to explain why you feel the speed humps will help address the speeding problem?  The more owners that call will really help.

Frank DeMarco is the man at County to call and the one who did the final approval for the hump installation. His # is 961-8324.  His secretary’s name is Sharon.

All Puako owners bought their property knowing the speed limit is 25mph all the way to Paniau.

I’m hoping that owner near the end isn’t speeding to get to his home.


Sara Fuller