Thief in Puako

Aloha Puako,

This guy has been caught stealing in Puako, driving dangerously on the highway and camping in town. He may be still in town.Please be on the look out and keep things locked up!If you see something suspicious please call Police.  

Police did talk with him today, 2/5/21.  The following is an update:


This is about the guy named Nobriga who has been causing trouble in Puako since 2/3/21:

There were 9 enforcement personnel and vehicles, EMT truck, fire engine and FD truck at a Puako Beach access today. He, NOBRIGA had a cut and was bleeding. 

NOBRIGA was contacted and arrested earlier. Apparently there was another incident this morning at the house on the south side of the access point.

He is being processed at the SK police station for numerous violations stemming from this mornings incident. His vehicle was locked and left at the beach access point, where it will be marked as abandoned if it is not removed by tomorrow.

Thank you for clearing his items earlier. All of his clothing was removed from the fence line and deposited into the trash bin. Hopefully it will be serviced before the end of the day because it is full, as are a few others at the other access points.

He has also been warned about the trespassing violations and camping in unauthorized areas. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance with any future issues in the area.

Thank you.

Please let DOCARE and HPD know you appreciate their assistance in keeping our community safe!

Daniel Elvenia, CREO III<
>North Hawaii District<

Your Puako Neighborhood Watch

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