Speeding will never end here without “humps”

This is a speeding report update,we have now been told by both police & highway dept.that speeding will never end here without the “humps”,please continue to call in AND email traffic services with speeders info.

< From: Officer Hookano
aloha  Yes I will get with the night shift guys and work on showing more presence at paniau regarding the gathering there. I will also continue to work with patrol to put our best effort forward to deter the speeding with the upcoming winter season approaching.. any vehicle I stop for speeding during this upcoming winter season will be cited and counseled in an effort to spread the word. as far as the paniau scene, you and other members of the community can help by continuing to log license plates, and calling patrol to the scene, so that the incident (no matter how small or big) can be documented, so that I can then follow up with whatever information is collectively  obtained through our efforts. Over the last 6-8 months or so I have been noticing that every person I have counseled, or personally talked to, I have not seen down there as a repeat offender (whether it be speeding or loitering). and although I cannot be there all the time,  together I truly believe we all will be able to make a difference. see you soon, aloha and have a blessed day.
From: Puako residents
Sent: Wednesday, November 9, 2016 11:10 AM
To: Hookano, Kelena
Subject: Re: officer Ho’okano

Officer H, many thanks for your presence this morning, However thought you would find it interesting to know that within 10 minutes after you left the  speeding began again. Seems the heaviest times for the surfing speeding is first thing in the morning because they check it out to see if it’s suitable at Paniau or turn around speed back out to go elsewhere,then again late in the afternoon when a lot of the guys get off work. Please thank the officers that came down yesterday after a few calls about the speeders they were very responsive.
Is there any chance at all of ever invading the Paniau party scene when all the drinking and other illicit activity is going on and trying to curb some of that activity?
As always we sincerely appreciate your efforts and hope to nip this in the bud before heavy winter surf is here.

Speed “humps” located on Kahilu Road in Waimea (running from Hawaiian Homes behind police station to Mana Road) are representative of what would benefit Puako. They are engineered to be easily navigated at the posted speed (25 mph) with very little bounce or vehicle disruption. These are NOT the speed “bumps” most folks envision; such as those obscene bumps installed in the Queen’s Marketplace.


Date of event:
Time of event:
Vehicle license #:
Violator: male or female
Location of Violation:
Description of violation:
email to ; hcpd4494@co.hawaii.hi.us

-Puako Resident