Hokuloa Church Annual Food Drive

Hokuloa United Church of Christ is having our annual food drive.  There will be a basket out by the road on Sunday mornings and there will be people holding fishing nets on Sunday mornings from 10am to 11am.
Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year.  There will be the normal Sunday morning service at 9am.  And there will only be ONE Christmas Eve service at 7pm.
More information on our website:  HokuloaUCC.org and on our Facebook page:  hokuloa united church of christ – ucc
— Yvonne Leiser on behalf of Hokuloa United Church of Christ

More Recent Thefts

A guest staying at Beach 69 reported that his beach chair pocket was gone through while he was out swimming, binoculars and sunglasses stolen and someone else on the beach had their car keys taken from their beach pack. The suspect then took it up to the parking lot and took everything of value from their car. Police reports have been filed. Be on the lookout for a white Tacoma crew cab truck, license plate often covered with a rag.  Suspect has also syphoned gasoline in Puako, gone through the trunk of one of our rental guests cars and stolen fishing gear from a garage owner’s closet.

-Sara Fuller