Break-ins this week

Aloha Puako Community,
There have been 3 break-ins and robberies sometime around Wed. 8/22/2019:
1)-A Puako owner heard something in his closet and found a guy in there.  The burglar then stole the home owner’s car keys and drove off with the car.
2)-A Puako couple noticed their neighbor’s door was open.  Neighbors are away.  A gun was reported stolen, Police called.
3)-After Police left this home that the gun was stolen from, the burglar came back and stole more items.  Wooden shutters ripped off, door kicked in, home ransacked.
Please keep an eye out for unusual activity in your neighborhood and report to Police immediately.
Puako Neighborhood Watch

Wishing for Peaceful Sundays

Dear Puako Association,

Our kamaaina family used to own a house down here, but having sold it a few years ago, I now come every winter and rent from a friend. I still receive your newsletters and bulletins, and enjoy so much hearing about this little piece of paradise that i love! Cesspools/septic systems and all!

This is a gentle plea to homeowners: PLEASE consider not having your yard workers come on Sundays! There is a house across the street from me whose yard person arrives every Sunday morning, and uses his leafblower for nearly an hour! I literally have to leave the house to get away from the noise. Then today (Sunday), the neighbor next to that house started up their blower, thankfully for only about 20 minutes. I have neighbors who work all week, and they don’t enjoy it any more than i do. Absentee owners may not even be aware of when their workers come. Please, it would make it so much more peaceful, if only for one day a week!

Keep up the good work, and continue to protect this special place on earth.

Aloha nui,
Maggie Woods
formerly of 111 Puako, the “Rat Shack” (gone, but not forgotten)

Puako sewage treatment

Dear Puako Community Association,

In previous trips to Hawaii, we read about Puako, but were unable to find the reef, despite having a general idea of where it is.

I recently read about your problems with sewage leaking into the ocean and destroying the reefs, and how you cannot fix such an expensive problem all by yourselves.

I totally understand your dilemma, as setting up treatment plants and sewage treatment is extremely expensive.  And getting help from government is not a very easy thing to do.

I have a suggestion:  Puako is a popular destination for snorkeling but I think, from looking at maps and aerial views of the area, there is very little public access to the reef.  That is probably something the local homeowners like a lot, but not so much the rest of the public that feels excluded from good snorkeling.

If you wanted to raise money for the sewage treatment, one way might be to increase the accessibility to the reef  and snorkeling areas between the homes, and put up collection boxes, or even pay parking areas, so that those who would come and enjoy the area could contribute to the clean-up.  The limiting of visitors could be achieved by somewhat limiting the parking spots, while achieving a good balance between enough spots to really derive a good income from the parking fees, while not too many to detract from the enjoyment of the area by too many visitors.  You could also set time limits to the parking (like maybe 3 hours), so that people would not use up a parking spot all day.  It would be a win-win situation.  True, the area would not be that exclusive to the present residents, but there would be a means to raise enough money to fix the sewage problem and to clean up the ocean.

Just a suggestion.  Someday, I would like to be able to come to Puako and do some snorkeling, and paying parking fees would not be an onerous thing to do.


Ana Porzecanski

Puako Burglary Sunday Night 12/10/2017

Neighbors saw 2 people in the bushes at the first beach access trying to hide a TV underneath some palm fronds.  Police Officer Lance Ambrose came and it was discovered that the TV belonged to a nearby home in which the front door was found wide open.
No sign of a break in or how they got in other than the front door was open.
We don’t have any follow up on the 2 people or anything about them. Currently nothing else was found missing.
This is a good heads up to remind everyone that being as it is the holiday season we should make sure all valuables are locked up, to help one another by keeping an eye out in our neighborhood and to report any suspicious activity to the Police 935-3311.
Your Puako Neighborhood Watch

Announcing the Annual Puako Community Association Meeting!

We encourage all homeowners and residents to attend.  This is the one time of year we all come together to celebrate our community, solve problems, and plan for the future. Your participation is vital to our success.
Date:  January 5, 2018
Time: 2:00PM
Location:  Fairmont Orchid, Prominade I room
  • Approve last year’s Annual Meeting minutes
  • A year in review of work in the community
    • Fire Wise
    • Makai Watch
    • Speed Bumps
    • Fire, theft, and flooding incidents
    • Sewage project; brief update with details available at the 3:00PM CORAL meeting also at the Fairmont Hotel.
  • Election of next year’s PCA officers
  • Questions or comments?
  • Adjourn

~ Peter Hackstedde

Hokuloa Church Annual Food Drive

Hokuloa United Church of Christ is having our annual food drive.  There will be a basket out by the road on Sunday mornings and there will be people holding fishing nets on Sunday mornings from 10am to 11am.
Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year.  There will be the normal Sunday morning service at 9am.  And there will only be ONE Christmas Eve service at 7pm.
More information on our website: and on our Facebook page:  hokuloa united church of christ – ucc
— Yvonne Leiser on behalf of Hokuloa United Church of Christ

More Recent Thefts

A guest staying at Beach 69 reported that his beach chair pocket was gone through while he was out swimming, binoculars and sunglasses stolen and someone else on the beach had their car keys taken from their beach pack. The suspect then took it up to the parking lot and took everything of value from their car. Police reports have been filed. Be on the lookout for a white Tacoma crew cab truck, license plate often covered with a rag.  Suspect has also syphoned gasoline in Puako, gone through the trunk of one of our rental guests cars and stolen fishing gear from a garage owner’s closet.

-Sara Fuller

Speed Humps are a Success!

Since the first day the speed humps were installed I think they are a success !! Only rarely is there the crazy vehicle trying to make some irrational point. 99% of the vehicles are driving at a very respectful speed. What a difference ! I think we all can feel safer living in Puako.

Thank you County !

Sara Fuller


Puako “Speed Humps Coming”

Aloha Puako Owners,

Thank you for your great support for speed humps on the street.

The County posted a “Speed Humps Coming”sign with a contact # on the street this week.  They have heard mostly positive feed back.  The County highway division was all ready to install them in 2 weeks, but an owner from the end of the road near Paniau called to complain and it put a stop to them.

We did everything right and received 80% owner approval in favor for the humps all the way to the Catholic Church!

The County would like to hear from owners why they support the 25 mph speed hump installations. Would you please call them to explain why you feel the speed humps will help address the speeding problem?  The more owners that call will really help.

Frank DeMarco is the man at County to call and the one who did the final approval for the hump installation. His # is 961-8324.  His secretary’s name is Sharon.

All Puako owners bought their property knowing the speed limit is 25mph all the way to Paniau.

I’m hoping that owner near the end isn’t speeding to get to his home.


Sara Fuller