Break-ins this week

Aloha Puako Community,
There have been 3 break-ins and robberies sometime around Wed. 8/22/2019:
1)-A Puako owner heard something in his closet and found a guy in there.  The burglar then stole the home owner’s car keys and drove off with the car.
2)-A Puako couple noticed their neighbor’s door was open.  Neighbors are away.  A gun was reported stolen, Police called.
3)-After Police left this home that the gun was stolen from, the burglar came back and stole more items.  Wooden shutters ripped off, door kicked in, home ransacked.
Please keep an eye out for unusual activity in your neighborhood and report to Police immediately.
Puako Neighborhood Watch

One thought on “Break-ins this week

  1. Hi,

    Where was the break in? Would locking your doors have helped? Events happening on an area of 1.5 miles of homes is very general.

    Puako is such a public place it is hard to know who doesn’t belong especially since we have many attractions that bring the general public to this destination like 24/7 trash disposal, day users, snorkeling and diving events posted in Meet up, for profit land and water based businesses. The sale of over 12 properties and the constant flow of contractors and building trades or service personnel and vacations rentals to name a few.

    Post this event if you like. We bring volunteers to Puako to help save our oceans. Our flyer is on the bottom.

    Hello Everyone, We need your help to reach our goal of documenting and cleaning up and the land and water on over 20 sites in South Kohala. We know it may not be possible to do this in one day so let us know if you want to clean a site on a different day before the end of October. Some sites have been reserved. Please share this volunteer opportunity to cleanup the South Kohala Coast of Hawaii with your friends and groups. September 15, 2018 Saturday from 7:30 AM to 12 PM Save this date and join us at the Puako Boat Ramp for Get The Drift and Bag It or the International Coastal Cleanup. Save Our Oceans Activities Keep Puako Beautiful; Beach Cleanup orientation and safety, hand out educational materials on UXO’s, 3 R’s safety for South Kohala. Recycling cigarette filters with TerraCycle. Contact for more information Email Mr. Loren Zulick US Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District Office: 808-835-4305 Cell: 808-202-6576 Volunteers track marine debris for the International Pacific Research Center (IRPC) and School of Ocean and Earth Science & Technologies by sending GPS location of marine debris Sara-Jean Royer eMail: Office: +1 808 218-3556 Water cleanup; Dive, kayak, snorkel, kayak or swim for marine debris. Contact Blue Wilderness Dive Adventures, Puako Dive Company or Hawaii Surf & Kayak. See instructions below to rent water gear RSVP and reserve donated tanks of dive air. Dolphin Quest Hawaii; Laminated directive site cards for the district of South Kohala. Hawaii Wildlife safety and etiquette Lynker Technoligies LLC, Marine Science Communications & Outreach for NOAA Affiliate for Hawaii Island; Media, communications, micro plastics in our ocean environment, recycling, and zero waste. email Little Hands Hawaii; Sunscreen swap for Hawaiian made reef friendly sun screen, resources and education on reef friendly chemicals and more. Sunscreen will be up-cycled at H power on Oahu. email Coral Reef Alliance; Clean Water for Puako; Email Sundot Marine Flags; Marine debris recycled art booth. This locally owned company has new sun protection products and more; Email Explore New technologies in plastic recycling. Email RSVP Pot luck lunch and bring a dish to share; Aloha, Cynthia



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