Speeding will never end here without “humps”

This is a speeding report update,we have now been told by both police & highway dept.that speeding will never end here without the “humps”,please continue to call in AND email traffic services with speeders info.

< From: Officer Hookano
aloha  Yes I will get with the night shift guys and work on showing more presence at paniau regarding the gathering there. I will also continue to work with patrol to put our best effort forward to deter the speeding with the upcoming winter season approaching.. any vehicle I stop for speeding during this upcoming winter season will be cited and counseled in an effort to spread the word. as far as the paniau scene, you and other members of the community can help by continuing to log license plates, and calling patrol to the scene, so that the incident (no matter how small or big) can be documented, so that I can then follow up with whatever information is collectively  obtained through our efforts. Over the last 6-8 months or so I have been noticing that every person I have counseled, or personally talked to, I have not seen down there as a repeat offender (whether it be speeding or loitering). and although I cannot be there all the time,  together I truly believe we all will be able to make a difference. see you soon, aloha and have a blessed day.
From: Puako residents
Sent: Wednesday, November 9, 2016 11:10 AM
To: Hookano, Kelena
Subject: Re: officer Ho’okano

Officer H, many thanks for your presence this morning, However thought you would find it interesting to know that within 10 minutes after you left the  speeding began again. Seems the heaviest times for the surfing speeding is first thing in the morning because they check it out to see if it’s suitable at Paniau or turn around speed back out to go elsewhere,then again late in the afternoon when a lot of the guys get off work. Please thank the officers that came down yesterday after a few calls about the speeders they were very responsive.
Is there any chance at all of ever invading the Paniau party scene when all the drinking and other illicit activity is going on and trying to curb some of that activity?
As always we sincerely appreciate your efforts and hope to nip this in the bud before heavy winter surf is here.

Speed “humps” located on Kahilu Road in Waimea (running from Hawaiian Homes behind police station to Mana Road) are representative of what would benefit Puako. They are engineered to be easily navigated at the posted speed (25 mph) with very little bounce or vehicle disruption. These are NOT the speed “bumps” most folks envision; such as those obscene bumps installed in the Queen’s Marketplace.


Date of event:
Time of event:
Vehicle license #:
Violator: male or female
Location of Violation:
Description of violation:
email to ; hcpd4494@co.hawaii.hi.us

-Puako Resident

7 thoughts on “Speeding will never end here without “humps”

  1. humps will never stop speeders,,,, only law abiding citizens will respect speed humps,,,,and humps will only cause residents hassles and extra auto repairs (brakes, front end alignment, shocks ,time,,) what really works and no one seems to be talking about it is ,,,, police to give tickets,,,,,when is the last time you saw a police officer give a speeding ticket here in Puako.????????? I have never seen one…and when if ever the Police patrol here in Puako,,,its during the middle of the day,, it appears the suffers are the biggest offenders.. they come early and late,,,We do not support speed humps, bumps or other destructions of a unencumbered paved road paid for with taxes to be safe and transversal ,,, we have experienced humps bumps whatever in a remote subdivision, it was not pleasant and did not work..what did work was community member getting involved and educating the offenders that the speeding will not be tolerated in this community and the Police will be involved..like signage requesting slower driving and enforcement notices,,, wat u tink???


  2. It’s nice to see community involvement in this issue after years of effort…if only in a comment left on this site! Sadly, the aforementioned comment makes it abundantly clear that our community members need education on this issue. Some of our residents have been informed by parties involved in our road safety (law enforcement, county council, highway engineering, etc.) and welcome more input and participation from other concerned residents. Based on CURRENT information, speed humps ARE the only viable means to control our speeding issue. The cold hard fact is that our island does not have enough law enforcement officers available to detect and ticket speeders. If anyone doubts this, please contact law enforcement. We DO have a motivated and energetic community police liason (Officer Hookano) who IS available to assist our community members in this effort. In fact, just this morning, while patrolling Puako, Hookano ticketed a speeder in our community who was traveling at 60 mph! Additionally, Officer Hookano coordinated our community signage/speed control program that seems to have been overlooked by the author of the previous comment (suggesting signage and enforcement notices).

    According to our local law enforcement, speed humps are, purportedly, the only tool at our disposal that will curtail speeding. They sight specific neighborhood examples of such successes.

    Our success may come at a price. Speed humps MAY create wear and tear on cars and MAY create additional noise (louder than a diesel truck full of surfboards racing down our street at 50 mph???); however, let’s get real here: what are our options? It’s a fact that 1) we do not and will not have adequate law enforcement here, 2) to date, some of our Puako residents have exhausted all other identified resources and 3) our speeding problem continues to escalate. Are we willing to compromise the safety and comfort of our residents, visitors, animals, etc. because we’re not willing to effectively address our collective issue?

    How about we get adequately and fairly informed on speed humps before we make uninformed and inflammatory statements about using them in our community? How about we have a community meeting/forum during which we all become educated on our current issue and possible solution(s) specific to Puako? Or do we allow the Puako we love to be unsafe and compromised?

    Further comments, suggestions, thoughts, please!


    1. one time when I drove a puako resident to the airport,,, I drove the speed limit, especially at the airport, and slowed down to go over the speed humps, and my rider said,,,, you know if you speed up, you will hardly notice the speed humps,,I said maybe but the airport police love it when you speed,,this is the attitude of speed humps,,,,,,,,some will find it fun to see just how fast they can hit the humps, some will park on top and burn rubber, some will just drive around in your yard and shoulder, there are other options but it would take direct involvement in some community members, when I was younger I would talk to the offenders directly and inform them that if they continued to abuse the neighborhood the a police report would be filed,, it had results…..people will only obey laws that they want to and will ignore the ones they don’t want to abide to…some folks think laws are there to be broken by them,,,,suffers at the end of the road are the biggest issue,, when surf season is here I don’t go to panieu, I usually ride my bike every morning early down to panieu, but the surfers get weird down there and I don’t feel confutable in that setting, I urge Puako residents to carefully consider how it will affect the quality of our life here in Puako if speed humps are installed,,, I don’t want one anywhere near my home…….need quiet time for quality sleep. like I said we were in a community that installed speed humps and it did not solve the problem of speeders and we had to put up with the inconvenience of the humps and cost… wouldn’t it be better to spend that money to improve our pavement.. which is breaking down as we speak, puako beach drive needs repaving,,,, and a proper shoulder on the ocean side of the street,,,the walkers, bikers, strollers, skaters rollers,runners etc,, have limited safe areas to do their thing so their all over the road,, in blind curves and hiden views,,matter of time till someone is run over and it has happened in the past here,,we need repaving and proper shoulders here in Puako not speed humps,,,Mahao wat u tink?


  3. k then,,, the only information I’m behind on is the current patrolling and recent speeding ticket,,,as a long term resident (approaching 20 years) ,, we have seen a variety of issues here in Puako, speeding seems to be seasonal timed with the surf,,in the past we had a officer who patrolled Puako and issued tickets, word got around and the speeding slacked,, however that officer retired and we were without patrol for a while, and word got around, speeding is back,
    So here is a link to a website that can share more info along the lines of what we in Puako need to head towards…. not humps,, Mahalo , David (Traffic Design-City of Wichita Falls Texas)
    Please check out the link below for updated info on speed humps


  4. David,mahalos for your input,very interesting article &,in fact,officer Hookano is looking into such a sign for the community.Let me assure you that none of us want humps,however something MUST be done to end this insane speeding.I too,have been here 20+ yrs,& we both know the cops are not here nearly enough,nor at the right times (surf).We are just attempting to get the community together to actually do something,& if it means humps over the speeding,that may be what it comes down to,hopefully we will get a couple of the radar signs in place & see how that works.Must tell you though,they have been in place at the ML resort for some time & have had little effect.Interesting,out of this entire community you & I have been the only residents to even respond to such a serious problem….sad….


    1. Mahalo for your response, I have talked with several near neighbors and most of then have no idea of whats going on about the humps…. but they all said NO HUMPS,,,and I said you need to get involved then. there must be some way to reach out to the community about this issue..


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