Puako Speeders, We need Your help

23 January 2016

Aloha Puako Residents,

We’ve noticed over the last few months a tremendous increase in speeding along Puako Beach Drive. It seems to peak on weekends and during times of good surf. It is an issue of serious concern throughout our neighborhood.

In the last few weeks we have contacted Margaret Wille (our county council representative) and attended the 1/12/16 NKTSC meeting (North Kohala Traffic Safety Committee) where we learned the following:

*Ron Thiel (traffic division chief for Hawaii County) suggested a trial speed hump to test on Puako Beach Drive (permanent installation requires 67% approval from the Community).

*Our new community police liaison is Officer Kelena Hookano, ph.# 887-3080, hours: 6:45am-3:30pm

*Community Traffic Awareness Program member Officer May Lee has informed us that the starting point for police action must begin with our Puako Neighborhood Watch members working with police officers flagging speeders. The next stage is issuing citations by the police, then, if justified, installing the “Stealth Box” (it records # of vehicles & their speed).

* Residents are asked to provide testimony at County Council meeting Feb.2 – you need not be present to provide testimony, you can fax:  to (808) 961-8912 or email:  Counciltestimony@hawaiicounty.gov or by mail:  County Clerk’s Office at 25 Aupuni Street, Hilo, Hawai’i 96720 expressing your concerns about speeding in Puako.

* Residents submit speeding form when you see speeding violators… See attached. Form a “text group” wherein a member of this group identifies a speeder & immediately sends text to group so all members will call in speeding report to police.

What you can do: 

  1. Let us know if you’d like a test speed hump
  2. Would you be willing to help on a “flagging day”?
  3. Attend a Neighborhood Watch meeting with a police representative (date to be announced)
  4. Provide testimony on 2/2/2016
  5. Complete the speeding form when witnessing speeders
  6. Use this forum for any suggestions you might have in dealing with this issue


Jill and Steve Eitel

Speeding Report form for Police



One thought on “Puako Speeders, We need Your help

  1. I would definitely support a test speed hump and a stealth box, and am also happy to help with flagging. I will photograph speeders and their license plates in just the same way that I photograph and report miscreants in the beach access.

    I also want to point out two other times that I see lots of speeding.

    The first time is on Sunday mornings when the big church at around #79 lets out. I guess folks think that they have done their bit for Christ and they are in a hurry to get on with their day. This is usually a line of cars and they are all going much faster than the speed limit. These cars also do not give any way at the edge of the road for pedestrians or bicyclists. I have nearly been hit by a wide-mirror truck while out for a run at this time. A speed trap when church lets out would likely net close to 100 citations by the police for speeding.

    The second time is early weekday mornings when contractors and landscapers are arriving for work. I guess maybe they are late for work or just in a hurry to get started! These are particularly dangerous, since the workers’ trucks often have trailers carrying mowers or other equipment. I have been honked at by these folks when I am running by the side of the road. They seem to believe that pedestrians and bicyclists do not belong on their road. I would also love to see these folks get speeding tickets.

    Should we also get more signs about speed limit, and “share the road”, “watch for children”, or other appropriate signs?


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